A Small Dog and an Act of Kindness

I have been inspired  this week by the kindness of strangers. As I tried to juggle work and domestic responsibility, two people come to my assistance. It was not the loveliest task they chose to help me with, which makes it all the more admirable. I was somewhat stressed because I had an appointment to keep, but still had to walk my dog Boo Boo through the busy London streets. We were doing fine, with Booboo presenting his usual toothy grin to passers-by and stopping to sniff every two minutes. Then – as dogs will – he decided be had to do his business, and he had to do it NOW! This was a minor crisis  because I did not have the usual poo-kit with me, so could not just scoop it up and dispose of it properly. Then unknown friends appeared from nowhere, found paper and helped me to  clean the pavement. It was a small act of kindness, but theses strangers did not have to help me and I appreciated their support greatly. We joked about the situation, and Booboo and I went on our way feeling much better (well, I was feeling better – Booboo always feels just fine). Those people had nothing material to gain by helping me; it was just a kind act. But what I noticed was their pleasure  when we had sorted the situation out. Their face lit up and radiated like the beaming sunshine as I thanked them profusely. Helping others – not least small dogs and harassed owners – pays dividends in the form of happiness.

Pictured here: Booboo safely home from his adventures on the streets of London.


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