Break Out of OCD's Mental Prison

October 18, 2013

This week is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) week.  OCD is an anxiety disorder which cause people to pursue often repetitive and pointless acts in an obsessive way. Obsessions, also known as intrusive thoughts, seem to appear in our minds in  a random fashion.  They can be thoughts in words but they can also be images or urges.  For example, someone might become convinced that things touched in the normal course of life are contaminated with dangerous germs, leading to repeated hand-washing. Continue reading [...]

Watch Out For Burnout

October 15, 2013

It seems like a modern phenomenon, a product of the apparently ever more complicated lives that we lead. The truth is, though, that "burnout" as we call it has always been the penalty paid by people who just try to do too much and finally cannot cope. But what do we know about it, and what are the signs that we need to slow down, ask for help and pay more attention to our own health and mental well-being? Professor Marie Asberg, is an expert on burnout, and she uses the "exhaustion funnel" to Continue reading [...]

The Games Couples Play

September 21, 2013

If only the issues that come between people who are in a close relationship were matters of black and white. It would be wonderful if problems were simple, and the person at fault would accept it and change as soon as the problem and the reason are pointed out. But that is certainly too much to hope for in the vast majority of cases. Instead, we have something that psychologists and counsellors call the drama triangle, also known as the  Karpman triangle. This  represents the relationship between Continue reading [...]

Deadlines and Hungry Lions – Stress and Fear Are Close Cousins

September 19, 2013

Today, I am going to talk about fear and stress. Although they can be defined differently, the two have many common features. Both are associated with apprehension and hyper-arousal. Fear and stress are both are  thermometers which we use to detect threat or danger. When we think we are facing a threat or dangers, this thought process is translated into our body via neurobiological responses. So, facing a hungry lion and facing a close deadline with none of the work done are experiences that Continue reading [...]

The signs that might indicate an eating disorder, and what to do.

September 14, 2013

Food can be one of life's great pleasures. But if - perhaps for deep-seated emotional reasons - we are unable to regulate our intake,  we need to seek professional help. Obesity is a well-known threat to health, but inadequate intake and low weight can also be a very serious health problem. I am going to concentrate on the latter problem today. Take action - in other words, seek professional help - if  your weight is significantly lower than it should be, remembering that you may not see Continue reading [...]

Welcome to Nadia's blog

September 13, 2013

Over the coming months, we will be sharing our thoughts about therapy, emotional and mental health, and the challenges and joys of life. It is very important to point out, though, that at Blue Sky Therapy we consider confidentiality between therapist and client to be paramount, so you will never read anything about our clients here, and we will never reflect on private conversations. buy antivirus software online However, we do hope to discuss how we can all enjoy life to the full, confront Continue reading [...]