• Our charges for individual therapy start at  £80 pounds per session. One-off assessment fees are from £90.
  • Therapy for couples wishing to explore difficult aspects of their relationship costs from £100 per session.
  • Our concessionary rate for students of therapy or counselling is £50 per session.
  • Professional supervision for therapists is charged at £80 per session. Supervision for trainee therapists costs £60 per session.
  • Corporate services, which may include written reports, cost from £110 for initial consultations and from £90 per session thereafter
  • Our first appointment begins at 10.00 AM and the last at  7.30 PM, Monday to Thursday (please note the varying charges according to time, as detailed above).
  • Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes, but initial assessment sessions normally last 60 to 70 minutes.
  • An initial assessment session is required for all clients. During this, client and therapist discuss issues to be addressed, goals and methods of working together.